Technical Notes

An excellent resource for technical information can be found at the Battery University

  • Lithium ion batteries in LibertyPaks are classified as non-hazardous by the federal government. They are non-toxic, and the least polluting of any other battery.
  • Unlike NiMH or NiCad or lead acid car batteries, LibertyPaks do not contain large amount of toxic metals, and are the most eco friendly of all common battery types. And Lithium is safe and efficient to mine, and easily combines into harmless compounds when disposed of.
  • LibertyPaks operate in all weather conditions, from minus 20 to 140 deg F. No other battery type works as well in freezing weather. However, charging should take place at above freezing whenever possible.
  • LibertyPaks are compatible with Asian and European power sources, and can be recharged from all standard electrical mains (grids) from 90 to 240 Volts.
  • LibertyPak lithium ion batteries are the least polluting rechargeable batteries - no fumes, leaking, or gas discharge and no chemicals or acids to worry about.
  • LibertyPaks are maintenance free. Lead Acid, NIMH, and NiCad's need to be deep cycled or require periodic maintenance procedures. As a matter of fact, it is better to charge LibertyPaks frequently during use. No 'memory' will develop, as it does in other batteries.
  • Lithium Ion batteries will stay charged for years. Others, like NiMH, can lose their charge in a matter of weeks.
  • LibertyPaks can be re-charged in one hour, with no harm to the cells. Other batteries, such as those in cars or laptops, are easily ruined or damaged from fast charging, drastically reducing the battery's lifespan.
  • LibertyPaks are made in the USA, are ROHS compliant wherever feasible. All components are recyclable, and are non-hazardous to the environment.
  • LibertyPaks weigh much less (1 pound equals 3 pounds of conventional types), are faster charging, are maintenance and memory free, and operate in below freezing temperatures.
  • Less weight means more power per pound. Reduced shipping costs over 66%. Fewer injuries from lifting heavy batteries.
  • LibertyPaks are specifically designed to work with LibertyPaks superlight, 1 pound, folding solar panels. (So you never run out of power). Whether charged by the Solar Input, or by one of the LibertyPak chargers.