Safe to Fly

Download our "UN-DOT Transport Certificate" here. This will allow you to travel with LibertyPak products freely.

Before shipping any large lithium ion battery, it is important to check whether it has been approved and certified for air transport.

Not every battery is certified - it is a very costly and time-consuming process.

LibertyPak is pleased to announce it has received a Certificate of Compliance with the U.N. Manual of Tests and Criteria.

The tests are to prove safety requirements for Air Transportation and general reliability as described in the UN Manual of tests and criteria, Part III, sub-section 38.3. These are guidelines adopted by all the various international and domestic air transport associations.

The Test Numbers are:

1. Altitude Simulation 2. Thermal Durability 3. Extreme Vibration 4. Shock 5. Short Circuit 7. Overcharge.

LibertyPak methods of assembly, cell quality, and electronic safety circuit designs have proven to be safe and reliable under all conditions.

FAA Packsafe