Product Comparison

The portable energy storage market is made up of products that consist of different chemistries and provide varied output, densities and capacities. Competing market chemistries include nickelcadmium (Ni-CAD), nickel metal hydride (NIMH), lead-acid and Li-ion battery technologies. A performance comparison of competing technologies is listed below:

Description NIMH Lead-Acid Li Cobalt   LP SLiC
Safe from thermal runaway Yes No No   Yes
Weight per 100 watt hours 3 lbs 5 lbs 1 lbs   2 lbs
Low maintenance No No Yes   Yes (none)
Cycle life expectancy Up to 500 Up to 300 Up to 400   over 2000
Holds its charge (loss per mo) No (-50%) Yes (-5%) Yes (-1%)   Yes (-1%)
High temperatures Good Fair Fair   Excellent
Cold weather performance Good Poor Good   Best (-20C)
Low internal resistance Yes No Yes   Yes
High-sustained voltage No No No   Yes
Fast charge No No No   Yes
Memory problems Yes Yes No   none
Nominal voltage per cell 1.2 volt 2 volt 3.6 volt   3.2 volt
Power Stability/ Constant Voltage Poor Poor Poor   Excellent
Environmental Safety/Disposal Safe Hazardous Fair   Safest