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The 'New' Battery Technology meets the Motion Picture Industry

LibertyPak was formed in 2002 specifically to introduce its new battery technology to moviemakers. Now LibertyPaks are being used worldwide in various forms solving the weakest link in filmmaking - the battery.

The idea of a making a battery out of lithium ion was not new. Cell phones, cameras, and many other small devices ran on them in 2002. The innovation was using it to power cars and motorbikes, which was pioneered by a company in Van Nuys, CA who made batteries for Lee Iacocca's then revolutionary new E-Bike.

One of these bikes was being used in a car commercial when its Art Director noticed it - and the result was LibertyPak. The Art Director was Stuart Lennox. Recognizing the potential the new battery technology had for the motion picture industry, he arranged with the manufacturer to develop the first prototype belts and blocks that would run motion picture camera and lighting.

With guidance from some of the top technicians, manufacturers, operators, and rental houses, the first LibertyPaks were put into operation in November of 2002. Lennox chose the name 'LibertyPak" because the first 3 letters, L-I-B, stand for Lithium Ion Battery, and because it represents the new freedom LibertyPaks give to moviemakers.

Before LibertyPaks, a camera operator would need 5 or 6 heavy batteries to get through a shoot day. Often, if it were below freezing, the batteries wouldn't work at all. Then there were the problems of memory (false capacity readings), and constant maintenance.

With LibertyPaks, often one very light battery will run all day long, even at 20 degrees below freezing, there are no memory problems, and no required maintenance. Plus LibertyPaks can be charged in minutes instead of hours.

LibertyPak continues to develop its products with the input of those who use them. New improvements in safety, cell qualities, electronic circuit design, and packaging are the results of this constant collaboration. "We want to do for electricity what the cell phone did for telephones - give people the power they need where and when they need it."

LibertyPak - New Discoveries, New Products, Custom Applications.

Our excitement comes from providing products that improve on the daily power needs of film, video and lighting professionals. We are always amazed at the applications we never thought of that come through the door. From flying model airplanes to starting jet airliners, almost anything seems possible. We love the challenge. All of the products on this website are the result of what the A.C.s, Operators, Gaffers and D.P.s have asked for.

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