The Motion Picture Film
and Lighting Industry

The use of Lithium Ferrous Phosphate battery technology for the motion picture film and lighting industry was first developed by LibertyPak and introduced in 2002. We continue to produce the finest Lithium Ferrous Phosphate belts, packs and custom power management solutions.

LibertyPak continues to offer:

  • State of the art Cells and Circuitry.
  • Exclusive design and patent pending technology.
  • The highest quality cells and electronics - Assembled in
    the USA.
  • One Year Total/Three Year Extended Warranty on Cells.
  • UL and /or CE certified chargers and inverters.
  • UN-DOT Certification 'Safe To Fly'.
  • Immediate Service and Support.
  • We recycle and are ROHS compliant.

Today, LibertyPaks are powering cameras and lighting for major motion pictures, television series, reality shows, documentaries, and commercials. Some of the first shows to use LibertyPaks were Taxi, Sex and the City, and Boomtown. Currently they are in regular use on Oprah, The Tonight Show, 30 Rock, Reality Shows. NBC News, the CBC and major Sporting events.

Meanwhile, we have evolved and extended its applications to include portable electric power systems for various industries, redefining application boundaries of Digital-tech, Communications, Medical, and Scientific professionals. Some of our latest advances are powering the latest equipment such as Digital Cameras and recorders, Professional HD video cameras, Forensic Lasers, Special Effects, Production, LED lighting, and Helicopter Mounts - new ideas for new products.

What`s New

Check out some of our latest custom power solutions

And heeeeere's Conan! Conan’s remote control flying moon gets its portable power from a custom 1200 WH LibertyPak / OES1 Battery. Conan gets to fly it... see it in action here

Playing at a Theater near you – Suit Power by LibertyPak

Disney came to LibertyPak to get super power to light up their light suits for the 3D Sci-Fi feature TRON LEGACY. Hi powered cells were arranged in the circle on the back for real time brightness.

“LibertyPak products were the perfect solution for our power needs at the Verdugo Mountains 10K. Our start and finish line areas are in remote locations with no power source. In the past, we've used gas powered generators which made it sound like someone was mowing the lawn.

Using the Big Genny at the start and Little Genny at the finish line, we were able to run our PA systems and play music for as long as we needed. In fact, we had so much power left over in the Big Genny, we used it to power the PA at our awards ceremony, even though there was an AC outlet nearby.

LibertyPak is definitely the way to go if you want clean , quiet power in a remote location!”
– Charlie Marko
Race Director
Verdugo Mountains 10K

"We did a full run test for one our customers. The 800 belt ran the 400 HMI for over an hour and 10 minutes - they almost didn't believe it!"
- Tech at PS Services, Canada

"Out of all the belts we have (for lighting) the LibertyPaks always come through, with the least trouble." - PRG LA

"Everybody really likes these belts. There's nothing like them."
- Tech at Otto Nemenz

"We were in the middle of nowhere - in Turkey - running the laptops and keeping the packs charged. We shot for 2 weeks. The Little Genny worked like a charm." - Digitech for Sports Illustrated shoot

"We put the battery on at 10:30 (am) and wrapped at 10. Never had to change it. It was the only battery we used all day. We were shooting high speeds with a 435." - AC on music video using one LB400

"These Belts are incredible. We are chasing tanks thru the desert, got oil and dust, smoke, and there is no time to change batteries - and with these we never have to worry." - AC on Jarhead

"With four of these (LB 800 light belts) I can run all day - one belt can burn the Arri 400 for 1 hour 5 minutes, or we can run 2 of the 200's at the same time off the same belt which is great for car stuff. This really has my attention!" - Dwight Campbell, Gaffer

"The Baby Genny's performed incredibly well. They were much more reliable than the on-board Arri batteries, which often lose their battery life within a few hours. Many, many thanks." - Jesse Kreitzer, Emmy® award-winning writer, director and producer and the founder of Lanterna Film.

LibertyPak makes large array Lithium Ferrous Phosphate power packs which are Certified by Authorized UN Testing Facility. Made, sold, and serviced in the USA, LibertyPaks are non-hazardous, and ecologically neutral. Libertypaks are incapable of thermal run-away.

The latest generation of Lithium Ferrous Phosphate cells are used in LibertyPaks, and every pack is protected and managed with highly reliable electronic circuitry, developed and perfected since 2002.

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